Big Data, Efficacy & Accountability: A Think Tank on Who Measures Up @ Eisner & Lubin, Rosenthal, Grand Hall | 3:30PM – 5:15PM

What’s more important — Equity? Access? Or Excellence? What are we getting and how do we know what works? What do we want from our schools? What do they want from their industry partners?  How should we determine, measure and report outcomes and how do we hold parties accountable?  How can data drive better decisions or tailored instruction? What does it mean for edtech entrepreneurs?

  • Betsy Corcoran*, CEO & Co-founder, EdSurge
  • Bart Epstein, CEO, Jefferson Education Accelerator
  • Susan Fuhrman, President, Columbia Teachers College
  • Chip Paucek, CEO, 2U
  • Gerard Robinson, AEI Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
  • Jake Schwartz, Co-founder & CEO, General Assembly
  • Steve Smith, President, Hobsons