Disruption – A Think Tank on the True Status of EdTech Innovation @ Eisner & Lubin, Rosenthal, Grand Hall | 3:30PM – 5:15PM

The limits of technology seem to have no end. And not that long ago, almost all education was offered through schools, universities, or corporations — delivered by teachers standing in front of a room with a chalkboard.  What is the state of the art of learning technology? Because even though we all love the new bright shiny object — of the $6 trillion spent today on learning, most of it still resembles such a model.  How many of these innovations have practical applications for learners?  What business models will succeed?

  • Andy Rotherham*, Managing Partner, Bellwether, and Contributing Editor, US News & World Report
  • Seth Andrew, Fmr. Sr. Technology Advisor, The White House
  • Lindsey Burke, Policy Fellow, The Heritage Fellow
  • Carly Cooper, Global Head of Experience Design, Infosys
  • David Levin, CEO, McGraw-Hill
  • Nicole Neal, CEO, Noodle Markets
  • Ron Packard, CEO, Pansophic Learning