This Is Not Child’s Play! – A Think Tank On Early Learning @ Eisner & Lubin, Rosenthal, Grand Hall | 1:30PM – 3:15PM

We all know the research – nothing is more compelling to invest in than early childhood; the returns are significant, yet to date there has not emerged a viable market for early childhood services.  Low income children arrive at kindergarten with a “30 million word gap” compared to their middle class peers.  Only 35% of American children read at grade level by third grade.  And most never catch up. Why? What are the barriers to fixing this problem and growing the market? What are the needs?  Can edtech offer solutions? Is this an open market or a quagmire?

  • Romy Drucker*, CEO, The 74
  • Kai-lee Berke, CEO, Teaching Strategies
  • David Lowenstein, Sr. Director, Ready to Learn PBS Kids
  • Amelia Franck Meyer, CEO, Alia
  • Katharine Stevens, AEI Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
  • Elanna Yalow, Chief Academic Officer, KinderCare