What’s App-ening to Our Schools? – A Think Tank on K12 Education @ Eisner & Lubin, Rosenthal, Grand Hall | 1:30PM – 3:15PM

82% of our children now graduate from high school, but only 35% are adequately prepared college or a career.  Subsequently, only a third of our country attains postsecondary degrees.

The cycle of debated policies continues from No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, Common Core, ESSA.  But are there any results to show for the money and energy put to work in k12 education?  Do we need to revisit the purpose of schooling? Are we meeting the needs of the next generation? What are the biggest issues confronting schools? Parents? Teachers? Kids?  Has technology helped?  Where are the opportunities?

  • Josh Starr*, CEO, PDK International
  • Derrell Bradford, Executive Director, NYCAN
  • Chris Cerf, Superintendent, Newark Public Schools
  • Sherwin Collette, CITO, Montgomery Schools
  • Karen Gallagher, Education Dean, USC
  • Denise Gallucci, CEO, GEMS America
  • Jeffrey Henig, Professor, Political Science and Education at Columbia