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Jessica Cary

Moving the Campus Experience Online with 2U | 12:30 PM – 1:15 PM

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One of the most important goals of digital learning tools is to seamlessly translate in-person learning experiences into academic lessons easily consumed online. In this workshop, UX and content strategy experts from 2U will lead teams through an exercise to develop creative solutions to a complex on-campus learning need that must be met online.

WHERE: StartED Accelerator @ AlleyNYU, 35 West 4th St. 2nd Floor

Film screening of “Most Likely to Succeed” | 4:30PM-6:00PM

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trovvit invites you to attend a free screening of Most Likely to Succeed, an award-winning Sundance-selected, powerful education documentary.

The feature-length film examines the history of education in the United States, revealing the growing shortcomings of conventional education methods in today’s innovative world. The film explores compelling new approaches that aim to revolutionize teaching as we know it. After seeing this film, the way you think about “school” will never be the same.

Drumming Class | 1:30PM-3:15PM

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Led by Brad Wentworth—a NYC drummer, performer and educator—the Drumming Workshop will include explorations of the fundamentals of rhythm, drumming technique, ensemble playing and improvisation. Participants will learn rhythms from all over the world through visual, aural and kinesthetic modalities that will be applied in an ensemble setting where collaboration is as important as self expression. Experience the power of making music with others, where the end result is often far greater than the sum of its parts! No experience necessary.

Increasing Food Literacy Through Experiential Learning | 3:30PM-5:15PM

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Experiential learning in our kitchen laboratory distinguishes NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. The culinary focus plays a critical role in bridging our distinct programs through the development of food literacy. Hands-on culinary learning allows students to experience and appreciate the nutritional, cultural, and social aspects of food while gaining a fundamental understanding of food science.

This interactive workshop with NYU professor and cookbook author Lourdes Castro will consist of both cooking and tasting.

Early Literacy Apps: Tools or Toys? | 1:30PM-3:15PM

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239 Greene St, 5FL, New York, NY 10003

There are an overwhelming number of apps that claim to help a young child learn to read. Without industry standards on what an effective “learn-to-read” app should look like, how can parents and educators distinguish between an educational tool or toy?

In this interactive workshop, participants will experiment with popular “learn-to-read” apps, gain insight into how they line up with current reading research, and hear firsthand from classroom teachers who’ve used them. We will discuss the missing link between foundational reading skills and app design, as well as offer actionable recommendations for parents, educators, and industry developers.